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Jessica Ann
Jessica Ann
Homeopath, Holistic Nutritionist & Fitness Coach

About the instructor

After years of being in the health and fitness industry I have seen many fads and weight loss programs come and go. What most programs rarely address is the whole picture, which keeps us stuck and frustrated. We need to look at all aspects of health in order to truly heal and move forward. Let's dive deep together and get to the root cause of what's holding you back from getting started or making you fall off track. I love teaching my clients how to create balance with their nutrition, to eat with intention and finally get the body and health they desire! If you're ready to get after this and see massive changes in your health and life, I'm with you all the way!

Email me anytime if you have questions: jessica.ann.nutrition@gmail.com 

Learn How To Create Life-Changing Habits, End Self-Sabotage & Transform Your Health! 

Answer these questions quick:

1. Have you been stuck in a rut with your health and weight loss journey?

2. Are you trapped in a vicious yo-yo dieting cycle? 

3. Do you have trouble getting started or seem to always fall off track?

4. Does the weight loss advice you hear online confuse you?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, read carefully. 

You see, here are the problems with common health and weight loss programs:

  • they want you to follow a strict meal plan that doesn't teach you what to do when an event comes up
  • you wind up food-focused because you're restricted from your favourite foods and now you binge on them
  • you have to make major changes to your life and schedule all at once that disrupt your family life and relationships
  • they have you dropping calories so low to start which plummets your metabolism making it even more difficult to lose weight
  • they have you doing more cardio than resistance training making you lose your fat burning muscles!
  • you end up back at square one because after the program you gain all the weight back
  • they are not science-based and are designed by well-meaning but misinformed coaches sharing dangerous advice

What's going to happen if you keep wasting 100s of dollars on buying these programs and trainers?

How much longer will you put up with feeling frustrated?

How much longer will you hold yourself back and sabotage your efforts?

Let's put an end to all of this! 

There is a solution, check it out:

If we want to be successful we need to build a foundation first. We need to start at the basics by creating healthy habits from the ground up! We can build off of these habits and breakthrough self-limiting beliefs in order to move forward and get the health and body we desire. 

There is no magic pill to weight loss or else we wouldn't have an obesity issue.

It's imperative we take it one step at a time.

Here's what my clients are saying:

"I think almost everyone should start their weight loss journey by going through mindset work first, bringing awareness to their nutrition and slowly creating healthy habits!" - A.F., female client

"It's amazing just how much better you can feel and how much more energy you can have by making small changes. I didn't realize how much food played a role in how I was feeling on a daily basis." C.B., female client

"I have had a difficult time staying on track with my eating and have spent so much money on supplements thinking it was the next best thing to make me lose weight. All I really needed to do was learn the basics to get myself started and I'm blown away by how much better and confident I feel already." - C.H., female client

Imagine feeling confident and balanced around food.

Imagine having more energy and a trim waist line.

Imagine a reduction in annoying health symptoms!

This is the course that will get you started on this journey!!

Here's a quick description of the Take It Easy course...

It is a 4-week step by step approach to begin your health and weight loss transformation or get you back on track. This course was designed to bring you back to the basics and guide you with a holistic approach. It's named "Take It Easy" because we cover the fundamental keys to health and success without the stress of food restrictions and crazy dieting rules. We address mindset, self-sabotaging behaviours and we begin to create healthy new habits that last a life time!

Take It Easy is a level 1 course. When you've completed this course you may move on to my next program to start ramping up your health and weight loss results!

You will buy this program and amaze yourself with what you can accomplish.

Are you ready to build a foundation with me?

Inside there are worksheets, videos and audio lessons for each week to complete. Don't worry, we do this together and each class is 15 minutes or less.

I could easily charge $47 for this course but I want to make it a no-brainer to buy. It's a one time payment of $7. I care about your success so I want you to easily get started today.

I'll see you inside the course!

- Jessica Ann
Hom., CHN

Course Contents

3 Videos
8 PDFs
3 Audios